How To Root and Unroot Kyocera C6725 Hydro Vibe

Kyocera C6725 Hydro Vibe Root:- Smartphone users always has the option to update or upgrade any app available in the play store but it’s not the same with hardware because firstly a replacement of hardware is expensive and secondly there is no such guarantee that the replacing hardware will comply with the rest of hardware to work properly. After a lot of debate between developer regarding the issue they finally come into conclusion that tweaking users phone is the only way to upgrade a smartphone at some extent and later the process named rooting through which operating system files can be modified to extend battery life, overclocking processor, change firmware or entire OS. 

A bit about Kyocera C6725 Hydro Vibe before rooting

Display: 4.5 inch IPS LCD (540 x 960 Resolution)

Launched: May 2014

Operating System: Android v4.3 Jelly Bean

Processor: 1.2 Ghz Quad Core

Internal Space: 8 GB

Battery : 2000 mAh (Upto 12.1 Hours of Talktime)

How to Root Kyocera C6725 Hydro Vibe

In recent times rooting is one of the trickiest method that only a developer can perform but the times changes and now even a novice smartphone users can root his phone thanks to one click apps.

1) Using Kingroot App

  1. Download and Install kingroot app by following the link (
  2. Once the app is downloaded on your smartphone tap on the app for installation.
  3. Before installation the app required your permission because you are installing a custom app so when a pop-up prompt message will be appeared titled INSTALL BLOCKED just go to SETTINGS and tap on UNKNOWN SOURCE as shown in Figure.
  4. Now the app will begin to install, once installed open it and tap on button ONE CLICK ROOT.
  5. Once the process is finished your phone will be rooted. Be patient during the period of root because some can take upto 30 minutes to root and make sure your phone does not disconnect from internet during rooting.

2) Through Root Master

  1. Go to the following url “” and download the app on your smartphone.
  2. Once downloaded install it if it show message Install Blocked follow the third instruction mention in Kingoroot.
  3. Now open the app and you will see only one button name START tap on it.
  4. Once you tap on it then smartphone rooting will begin.
  5. Once your phone is rooted it will show a successful message then restart your phone to complete the process.

Note: This method complies with Supersu means you can unroot your device by using the method mentioned in our Unroot Section.

3) Through SRSRoot Software

The third method to root is quite bothersome and you need usb cable and computer to root.

  1. Go to the following website “” and install the software on your computer by clicking on download tab given at top of the page.
  2. Once installed open software and connect your smartphone via USB Cable.
  3. Make sure you enable USB DEBUGGING before continuing.
  4. Now click on ROOT DEVICE button on top left corner to start rooting device.

How to Unroot Kyocera C6725 Hydro Vibe

Just like rooting you should unroot your phone whenever you visit customer service office to repair your smartphone or installing operating system updates on your smartphone.

Using Supersu App

  1. Go To Playstore and Download the Supersu App.
  2. Now go to settings page, scroll down and tap on FULL UNROOT.

Using Es File Explorer

  1. Go to play store and download the app ES File Explorer on your Internal Storage
  2. Once installed open the app and click on MENU mentioned on top left side of the page.
  3. Now tap on Tools and then turn on ROOT EXPLORER.
  4. After turn on Root Explorer go back to the app dashboard and go back to destination “/”.
  5. Now go to folder SYSTEM -> BIN and delete file SU.
  6. Then go back to another folder SYSTEM -> XBIN and delete file SU.
  7. Now go back to folder SYSTEM -> APP and then remove SUPERUSER.APK file.
  8. Once the files are deleted reboot your phone, congrats your phone is unroot.

For more information on Root and Unroot Kyocera C6725 Hydro Vibe stay updated to this website.

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