How To Install TWRP on Coolpad Note 5


TWRP Coolpad Note 5:- TWRP is a custom recovery application that allows Android Phone users to take the full backup of your current phone data and restore it back whenever it’s needed. With TWRP it’s really easy to install a whole new operating system such as lineage OS and the application plays a major role in modding the application on your phone. TWRP is a complicated application to be installed on your phone because its function only works when you bypass the security section on your phone. In this tutorial, I will show exactly how you can install TWRP on your phone but you need to be patience while following the process.


Install or Flash TWRP on Coolpad Note 5

There are two different methods to install TWRP on Coolpad Note 5 which is given below:-

Install via Third Party Application

The easiest and recommended way to install TWRP on Coolpad Note 5 is to download the third party flash application on your phone. The step by step guide to install TWRP application on your phone is given below:-

  1. First Root your Coolpad Note 5 Phone.
  2. Install Custom Recovery Application Flashify on Your Phone.
  3. Download the TWRP Application in .img format from a third-party source.
  4. Open the flashify application and tap on Flash button and then tap on Choose a File.
  5. Locate the TWRP .IMG file and install it on your phone.

Install via Official Application

The alternative way to install TWRP on your phone is to download the official application from play store.

  1. Browse the link and download the application from your phone.
  2. Once installed open the application and grant any permission appear afterward.
  3. Before installing TWRP take a backup of your entire phone data on SD card using TWRP.
  4. Once the backup is taken tap on the button “TWRP Flash”.
  5. Now tap on the Select Device button and choose your device from the list.
  6. Now choose the latest or previous version of TWRP and download it from the official website.
  7. Once downloaded go back to TWRP Flash menu and navigate to the page where you have downloaded the TWRP file.
  8. Select the file and tap on the button “Flash To Recovery”. Wait for some time to install the TWRP on your computer. ENJOY!

For more information on installing TWRP on Coolpad Note 5 stay updated to this page.

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