Youtube Video Load but Won’t Play? Here’s How To Fix It

Youtube is the world’s second most visited website on the internet. Almost every internet users access youtube once in a day and watch videos uploaded by their favorite YouTubers. Youtube handles billions of queries and a heavy amount of data transfer on the user’s computers so sometime you may have noticed buffering issues while the video loads. Sometimes this issue is minor and sometimes it takes minutes to load a video so that error is categorized in video buffering problem.

As I have already told you earlier that youtube servers did not just handle billions of queries they are also transferring data on users computer so when the number of users exceeds the capacity of servers to handle you will see an error such as buffering a video or video loads but don’t play. This type of error is minor and will be resolved in a few seconds so you just need to press the combined button CTRL + F5 to refresh the page.

If the error is related to the youtube servers then it should be resolved under a minute but if the error still persists then your computer might be facing some kind of technical problem that needs to be solved. There could be several computer errors that may have stopped your youtube video from buffering so I have decided to put all the solution on this page.

Fix Youtube Video Are Not Playing Problem

#1 Closing All Browser Action

Close all the browser tabs that are currently opened and if you are working on multiple browsers then close them as well. If you are downloading anything stop that as well only if it is resume supported. Once you have closed your browser reopen it again and try to access the youtube videos to see if it is working or not.

The reason for this action is that sometime your system may lag due to several browsing processes which put a heavy burden on your ram especially if your computer is outdated. So we will put your ram at ease by closing the browser so your computer can process the youtube videos the way it should.

#2 Restart Your Router

Everything nowadays is depending on the internet even the operating system and software on your computer. You should have aware of the term automatically software update and how does it work on your computer. Due to this kind of file downloads sometimes our internet gets interrupted which could be fixed by a simple restart. You could perform this action if youtube video doesn’t load on your mobile or android phones.

#3 Restart Your Computer

In the third solution, I would recommend you to clear your cache data but since you are facing this problem recently a simple restart may fix the problem. Close all the application and restart your computer to see if youtube videos are still playing correctly or not. In case if you are still unable to play videos then I will suggest you remove your cache data and restart your computer again.

#4 Sign-in Confliction

If you are watching a video that requires your age verification then you could sign-out from the youtube and then sign-in again to see your video is buffering properly or not.

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