Why My Phone is so Slow – Fixing Lagging Problem

Why My Phone is so Slow:- As your smartphone grows old lagging problem started to persist more frequently in your phone even it is empty by storage or the memory of your smartphone is almost free. Many users posted this problem in the forum and community website and asked about if there smartphone is not using most of the storage or RAM why there phone is hanging or lagging so much. Well first you have to understand that the phone you are using is old and the hardware on your smartphone is outdated compare the new one out in the market and moreover the app you are currently using is updated automatically with latest features and make it more heavy compared to the previous version. Your only option in this case is updated the hardware of your phone or purchase a new phone compatible with updated version of hardware.

Well the above kind problem of persist in only too much older version of the smartphone probably 4 to 5 years old but if your phone is only 2 years old then the solution might be different for you. Maybe your phone is infected with virus or your smartphone hardware will fail soon that’s why you are facing this kind of issue. We can’t sure about the problem untill we figure out the correct problem in your smartphone. So in order to check for the problem you need professional app for that such as AIDA64, Simple System Monitor, and Full System Info.

When your phone is started to lag just take a note on which activity increases the most is it CPU, RAM or Storage. Sometime a heavy app or a process caused lagging in bunch of other app so when you saw the high increase in any three of the above mentioned hardware just remove the app using app killer software or go through to task manager and manually kill it.

You might have hear the term name notorious app many times but you would be surprise to know the fact that at least one of those notorious app is still available on your phone right now because bunch of popular app on play store are using internet as a media to update content and show message notification whenever company releases a new update. Those data will be stored on your temporary folder first and later updated in your app through installation process but the chunk of data and its process file including the web browsing data are stored in Cache files which can cause lagging in smartphone so make sure you clear those cache and data through an app named CCleaner.

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