Who Has Visited My Facebook Page? My Honest Review


View Users Who Have Visited Your Facebook Profile:- I have seen a lot of queries and users who are searching for a topic related to who have visited my facebook profile believe me millions of online users including myself have research on this topic and came to the conclusion that I am going to discuss in this page. First of all, Facebook currently does not support any function that let you view the data of the users who viewed your profile which means someone is definitely spreading the rumors on internet or community forums about this fake news because all of a sudden the topic is becoming a hot subject in the internet world. A strong possibility may lead to the business or application that were available in the market which makes promises to users that they will provide the data of users who have viewed your facebook page after installing their extensions or software. I have seen cases in which users are paying the company to check who visited their profile page and companies just give them details of the recommended users which is a free function provided by the facebook.


If you don’t know what recommended users really is then it is a function provided by Facebook that will show you the result based on your phone contacts. For example, if you have added a contact name of sham in your phone but you didn’t know his facebook then the application installed on your phone can access the data of sham and show you in a recommended tab that this can be your friend.

Scam!! Scam!! Scam!! a lot of fascinated and impossible application to believe in is always a scam on the internet. If you ever fall into the trap of this kind of application in which they offer to let you view who have visited your facebook page then you can’t get a refund of the amount and in return, you will get a fake list of users. Your best bet under this circumstance is to leave the program as soon as possible.

Is There any Original Software?

No, because in order for any software to work and give you the correct result regarding the user list they need to access the database of Facebook users and add tracking code on your profile page specifically which require permission from facebook and do you really think instead of building their own function facebook provide their hard-earned data to anyone. If facebook implemented the tracking code on their server same as the other social media website like Orkut then you can access the data otherwise you do not know who has viewed your profile.

Last Piece of Advice

Stay away from the application that promise to provide you the correct result of Facebook users I have really tried and tested those applications and none of them worked for me. If you have installed such application just revoke their facebook access because you are compromising with your privacy. To revoke access to such application just go to Settings-> Apps -> Revoke the access of such apps.

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