What is Whatsapp Business and How to Install it on your Android Phone


What is Whatsapp Business:- Facebook has acquired WhatsApp in February 2014 and since after that, they have released plenty of updates and take the WhatsApp experience to a different level. The recent trend on WhatsApp indicates that the company will launch a separate business app for the medium of small business owners since plenty of business are now operate from WhatsApp. You can see on Facebook Business Page that the numbers of business owners are messaging to Facebook users that they should contact them to WhatsApp number for detailed information about the product, payment, and its delivery. In Facebook Business or Fan Page, you will see detailed information regarding the business like when they are opened, response rate, their contact number, address, and products that companies are offering now WhatsApp are offering the same kind of pages through its recently launched business app which is currently available to download from play store as a beta version.

The beta version of the application was launched in 2018 and after the launch of the beta version, many local businesses in India are now operating their business through this app. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet then you need to go to play store and sign-up for survey and experience the application in its beta stage. The new application creates your store like page on WhatsApp in which you can store your product information and create or manage your business profile. Listing your business on the application is totally free we have added a business page on the WhatsApp business application it didn’t charge a single rupee. Whatsapp Business application allows you to schedule your text message at any given time during the day a replica of feature seen in the Facebook Post. We have installed the application on our phone and found one thing which might be complicated for some business owner and that is the use of dual sim.


Whatsapp Business does not allow users to use the same sim for business or personal uses. You can use one account at one time either it’s for business or its for personal which means you need two accounts to run on WhatsApp one is for business and one is for personal. In case if your phone only has a single SIM slot then you must purchase a new phone or switch between account often to use WhatsApp. Whatsapp Business also support WhatsApp web which means you can manage your business profile through a computer but the feature support in the web is not detailed as the application so we are looking for more detailed features in this section as the community grows day by day on the WhatsApp business.

If you are looking for a trusted source to download the latest WhatsApp Business in your smartphone then follow the step by step instruction given below:-

How to Install Whatsapp Business on Any Android Phone

  1. Go to the trusted Whatsapp Business Download source and download it on your mobile phone.
  2. Once you download the APK locate it in your phone or look up in the download section.
  3. Open the APK file and install it on your phone. Once you open the app you need to verify your business phone number to restore your previous chat with the customer.

For more information and update on Whatsapp Business stay updated to this page.

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