What is Usenet and Why it is Becoming Alternative Choice of Torrent


What is Usenet:- To understand usenet better you should know about torrent first. A torrent is an software that connect with other computers to download files on users computer that are stored in various computer around the world but recently torrent client are removed from the internet because of the piracy of content whether its a video, music or software. Now ISP and Government are regularly monitoring on the torrent sites and removed or delete the website that are found to use this technology that’s why the great decade of torrenting come to an end and a new technology come into surface named usenet in which you can download any file just by searching on the software.



Usenet was specifically designed as discussion system which consist the set of newsgroups in which user can post the message and these message can be seen or downloaded by other computer which are connected to the discussion system but currently the technology is being used as server technology through which users can download files that are stored on the servers. There are various service providers on the internet that are using the usenet technology to share files at a service cost of 10 dollars just to maintain the servers.

Unlike torrent client these service provider secure your computer to be detected by your ISP provide or any other organization that track your data. Files are stored on servers which means you will get incredible downloading speed. In torrent you cannot download a file when there is no peer for it or few peer with low internet connectivity but usenet service providers put the files on server which mean you can download anytime you want at full downloading speed.

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