What is System32 Folder and What will happen if you delete it?


System32 Folder:- The system32 folder is one of the main folder in your windows which you shouldn’t delete or modify because all of the major program such as taskbar, shutdown and reboot are stored in that folder along with DLL library which connect system files with other software installed in your computer. You probably want to check out that what affect it may cause if you delete that folder from computer or a prankster might challenge you that you cannot delete that folder or something like that. Well in any case if you are trying to delete your system32 folder then first check out what will happen if you actually managed to remove it?



Deleting System32 Folder

Before deleting let’s check the folder structures and files first:-

  1. System32 Folder is located in C:\Windows folder.
  2. In that folder more than 500 files and 14 folders are stored. Number of files or folder may vary depends on the hardware and components.

The First Steps of Deleting

So after going through the windows folder we manually tried to delete the entire system32 folder to check whether we can delete it or not. As a result we find out that a message will pop-up once we tried to delete the folder in which it is written that you need a permission to delete the folder so we did exactly what is written and grant full control over that folder and it’s content.

The Second Steps of Deleting

Once access the access has been granted we again try to delete the folder and once again a new message has been prompted in which it is stated that files stored in system32 folder are been used by other program. After that is clear to us that it is not easy to delete system32 files but we didn’t lose hope and tried a method to delete files and shortly we managed to delete the files by deleting as many process through task manager and by giving DEL command through command prompt but still we could not delete all files.

Now we close the command prompt and tried to open program but not a single program will open after we delete system32 files, whatever program we open an error command will be displayed in which it is stated “This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action”.

After tried on several program we tried to reboot window and check whether the error can be fixed via restart and when computer is restarted a blue screen will appear asking you to repair your windows. Whatever we do to fix the window is failed and therefore we install a fresh copy of the window to fix the error.

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