What is PUK Code and How to recover it in Case of Forgotten


PUK Code:- (Personal Unlock Key) PUK in short is a 8 digit code which is set by default in your smartphone SIM card. This feature is provided by your smartphone carrier service so that you can recover in case you forgot your PIN Number.

Well this information confuses users alot that we are asking about PUK what’s PIN doing here, well on a quick note PIN code in smartphone is used as your first security pass to access operating system. The pin code is activate by user but the PUK code is come by default in your smartphone and it is a unique number which is useful to user when they forgot their PIN Code.

Now you know the difference between the two features and why these two names tied up together now let’s focus on the risk of using this feature. If you forgot both passcode then your phone will be locked temporarily and the worst case scenario is your SIM Card and its data will be lost forever. A PUK code will only give you three chances to enter your correct password if you do not enter the passcode in three tries then your phone will be locked for quite-sometime. After that you will have 7 more chances like that to figure out the correct password if you failed to enter your password in another seven tries then your SIM Card will blocked forever. So now what you can do to figure out the password you has set in your PUK Code well there are some ways for you to unlock your Smartphone and reset you PIN/PUK code.


How To Recover Lost PUK Code

Currently there are three ways to recover your lost PUK password which is mentioned below:-

Check Your Mobile Phone Carrier Case

Many smartphone carrier company print the default PUK code at the back of your SIM carrier case. Check at the back side of the carrier case to find out your PUK Code. If you didn’t find your PUK code or you lost your SIM carrier case then you can take help from retailer from whom you have purchased the SIM.

By Calling Your Network Carrier Support

The second step to recover your PUK code is by calling your carrier customer support. The customer service agent will ask some question regarding your profile so they can confirm that it was the owner itself who is asking for the PUK number.

For more information on how to recover PUK Code stay updated with this website.

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