What is LineageOS? and Why you should install it in your Phone


What is LineageOS:- LineageOS is an open source operating system based on android OS platform but the major difference is that it was customized by the group of developers who added a lot of new features and tweaks in this OS such as Superuser Access, Privacy guard and Assigning a button to launch the application. Because the OS is based on android operating system that means every other feature such as play-store, settings will remain the same as you seen in any android phone but the developer has remove the unnecessary files like themes and bloatwares which make the system much more efficient and faster.

Before the existence of LineageOS a popular operating system named Cyanogen was sway everywhere on forums and website and considered as the alternative Android Os but in 2016 the company who is working on the project has shut it down entirely but few developers working on the project was managed to take a backup of the project and later launched a new operating system which is currently known as LineageOS.


Why You Should Consider about using LineageOS

Apart from features and settings you already seen or used in android LineageOS offer better than them by adding tweaks, settings and apps. So let’s pick up a list of features already installed on this operating system

#1 Protected Apps

A unique feature added in the LineageOS is Protected Apps in which users can hide the app from the launcher screen. Many app which were appeared on the launching screen such as Gmail, and Banking App or Online Wallet need to stay hidden so you should feel safe when you handed the smartphone to a friend for few minutes. You can access this feature by going to SETTINGS -> SECURITY -> PROTECTED APPS.

#2 Speed Up OS

Almost every smartphone manufacturing company install their custom themes and apps on smartphone to give uniqness to the phone they are selling but these themes slow down the process of apps, consume battery and use internet to keep updated which slow down the processing power and reduce internal storage but LineageOS is not using theme engine which means your phone will be much faster then usual.

#3 Up-to-Date Operating System

Every smartphone user known that whenever an android update has been released no-one except some smartphone can access it. Many smartphone users think that it could be hardware fault that they cannot access it because it should be heavy and this might be true but only in some cases but the major reason for most of the users that cannot install the update is manufacturing company delay because it will take quite a lot of time for developers to comply with the new customized OS they have built and the company is not bound to release the updated OS whereas LineageOS keep updating it’s operating system by adding updated feature in it as soon it was released.

#4 Easter Egg

Since android v2.3 developers hide a game or picture in the operating system which only unlock after you rapidly fire android button multiple times. This hidden item is well known as Easter egg which caught attention of almost every smartphone users and since Cyanogen forked into LineageOS a new Easter egg will be found upon tapping About button multiple times.

For more information and update on LineageOS stay update to this website.


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