What is Google Play Store Instant Apps and How To Enable It?


Google Play Store Instant Apps:- Play store is becoming huge each and every day with tons of applications stored by individual or companies. As we have known it by now that each application available on play store is heavy in size we can’t possibly download and store the list of our favorite applications on our phone. After a certain amount of time, we have to uninstall some applications in order to install the new one. While users are facing with the problem like that Google has announced a new function on play store known as Instant apps. Instant Application feature allows its user to use the application without installing it on our phone. After enabling this feature you can install a chunk of that application on your phone and use it to complete your purpose although, it may restrict some activity of the application overall it works as same as the app installation. The term Instant App is also known as portable software in computer and internet industry. You probably have used portable software while using the software the best example of portable software are the online antiviruses that installed on your computer in no time and saved your computer from viruses but there are some untrusted websites that can install their software to hijack your computer so beware of them.

The technology of portable software is now used in play store and it sure saves phones internet data and time to install an application. Instant apps are currently available for android nougat and the future version of the operating system. Once you activate the function on your phone play store will check the application that allows an option for Instant Apps and then you can install the application. If you want to enable Instant Apps on your phone follow the instruction step by step given below:-


Enabling Instant Apps on Play Store

  1. Open your menu drawer and go to SETTINGS.
  2. On Settings page scroll down and tap on section Google.
  3. On Google page locate and activate option Instant Apps which will be given right next to “Set up nearby device”.
  4. Now a pop-up window will be displayed tap on the link “YES IM IN”.
  5. Now open play store and then check for the application that will allow Instant Apps.

For more information on Google Play Store Instant Apps stay updated to this website.

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