What is Google Certified Device and Why Does it Matter?


Google Certified Device:- Android phone packs with bunch of apps by the developers so it should increase the users experience of using android device. Although various apps can be installed on phone from play store, basic apps such as clock, alarms, games and Google Apps are pre-installed in each and every android phone at the time of manufacturing because android is an open-source software which means anyone can edit or modify it. Since android operating system is designed and developed by Google almost every smartphone manufacturing company install Google Apps on the phone they are manufacturing.

So what is Google certified and does it really matter to your phone. Lets Find out:-


What is Google Certified Device

A Google certified device means that the phone is free of being any kind of malicious program such as ransomware, adware, malware etc. The certification is awarded to phone that is adhere to Google Security and Permission model.  The certificate does not mean that nobody can hack your phone or install malicious code in it. If you allow third party apps on your phone then the chances of getting adware or malware are high. The certificate only ensure that the phone you are purchasing or purchased is free from any kind potential risk at that time.

Google Company has declared the guidelines and set of rules which every company has to follow. A compatibility test ensures that the rules are being followed by the company. Failing to pass the rules by the smartphone will be banned from using the Google service even if you install the service from any third party sources. You can forgot about using Google service on your phone which include play store as well and due to security risk your phone will be easily fallen prey to the hackers and malicious programmer. So check right now that your phone currently has Google certification on it or not.

How to Check Google Certification

To check Google Certifications on your phone follow the step by step guide given below:-

  1. Open play store and tap on three straight line given at top left side of page.
  2. Once you tap on the line a side menu page will appear scroll down that page and tap on option SETTINGS.
  3. Scroll down to bottom of settings page and under about section you will find option DEVICE CERTIFICATION. On bottom of the option in grey text any one option will be display Certified or Not Certified.

Let us know if your phone is certified or not or share your thought regarding Google Certification in comment section.


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