What is Find For Fun Virus and How To Remove It?


Find For Fun is not a virus it’s an adware program that redirects your phone’s browser to the specific web portals to gain ad revenue for the application developer. Because Find for Fun is not categorized into a virus, the adware found it’s way into a list of android applications and few of them are also listed on the play store. If you have installed one of these applications and browse or search any websites on the internet you may encounter redirect issues.

These types of redirects are often confused with system infection and most of the users looking for a cure for this problem. If you are one of these users and looking for a solution to remove Find For Fun adware program from your phone then follow the step by step instruction listed in this article:-

Find For Fun Is it Harmful?

It may or may not. Well, Find For Fun only redirect your browser to a safe web address. It’s all up to the web portal administrator how he served you his web content. For e.g, the web portal owner shows you false information to get your credit card number so it’s the fault of the web owner, not the adware program so the website you visit is safe but the information is authentic on the portal well nobody could confirm that.

How To Remove the Find For Fun Adware on Your Phone

Find for Fun is an adware program that installed on your phone via android application. To remove this adware, you have to uninstall the application that installed the program on your phone. There are three workarounds to remove the Find For Fun Adware Program from your phone which is given below:-

#1 Removing/Uninstalling the Application

Search for the third party application first and remove the latest ones if you have faced this problem recently. Don’t forget about the application that you have recently update as well. Once you removed the application restart the phone and check if the problem is resolved or not. If the problem is not solved then uninstall these types of application

  • MP3 Downloader
  • Music Downloader
  • Youtube Downloader
  • Gallery Hide or Unhide
  • Lock Apps

Once you have removed the applications restart your phone and browse the web portal to see if the problem is fixed or not. Follow the second workaround if you are still experiencing the redirect issues.

#2 Clearing Browser Cache and Data

  • Go to your phone’s Settings -> Apps / Applications.
  • Scroll down and locate Internet Explorer.
  • Tap on Force Stop Button and then Tap Buttons Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Browse the website on internet explorer to see if you are facing redirect issues. If the redirect issue is fixed the apply the same method on chrome, safari and the rest of browsers as well.

#3 Factory Reset or Hard Reset

In case if the above two solutions failed to stop the menace of this adware program then you can try Factory Reset your phone.

  • Go to Phone Settings -> About
  • Tap on the option Factory Resets to remove all the data on your phone.

This option will definitely remove the Find For Fun Virus. Let us know if you remove the Find for Fun virus/adware program on your phone by writing a comment.

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