What is Custom Recovery and How to Install on Smartphone


Install Custom Recovery:- Whenever you browse or search information about rooting your smartphone you have seen information regarding custom recovery app but what exactly does it do and how to install it on your smartphone is still a mystery of lot of users so in this guide we are providing a simple way to install Customer Recovery on your smartphone.



What exactly is Custom Recovery?

Custom recovery app are build to customize android settings and active variety of advance feature which were not activated before like wipe out entire smartphone data, install custom firmware on your device, take or restore backup and Fixing App Permission. There are lot of custom recovery software out there which fits to complete the mentioned task but three of them are most widely used and recommended which are given below:-

  1. TWRP
  2. CWM
  3. Philz

A lot of public poll and opinion has been asked to users that which one of the three custom recovery tool are fit for them and most of the users poll for TWRP custom recovery because it is easily to install and understand and good team of developer who regularly update the project is also a factor which took in consideration but recently major users shifting to other recovery tool like philz and CWM because they are supporting OTG feature which let its users to save data directly onto their USB device.


How To Install Custom Recovery on Android Smartphone

To Install Custom recovery tool on your android device just follow the steps mentioned below:-

Requirement Before Installation

  1. First off check your mobile phone is rooted or not.
  2. Root your smartphone with Kingoroot.

Install Custom Recovery

  1. Once your phone is rebooted then install and run app Flashify.
  2. Open Flashify App and choose Backup/Restore.
  3. On Backup/Restore page tap on option Backup Current Recovery to store to Stock Recovery Files in case anything goes wrong during installation.
  4. Once you take backup move To FLASH tab and click on Recovery Image.
  5. Now choose a custom recovery tool from these three TWRP, CWM and Philz.
  6. Once you choose the tool it will begin to install automatically in my case i choose TWRP and installed the latest version of the files which will be always given on top of the page.
  7. Once the custom recovery installed on your computer it will show a prompt message in which you have to choose option REBOOT NOW.
  8. Once you phone is rebooted it will take you to custom recovery tool automatically.

For more information on how to install custom recovery stay updated with the website.


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