What is ARM, ARM64 on Android Phone and How you will Identify It?


Most of the android application on the android phone doesn’t require you to know about your system architecture before installation. You need to know about android architecture only if you want to install core applications in the android system like play store, services, etc. Android Architecture is divided into three parts the first one ARM which is a 32-bit computing machine and ARM64 which is a 64-bit computing machine and x86 which is an intel architecture computing machine that runs 16-bit, 32-bit, and 64-bit applications. Older Android phones run on ARM system architecture while the latest phone runs on ARM64 architecture.

ARM64 architecture offers more computing power than the ARM processor and it also offers to run the 32-bit application which is why popular brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi launched ARM64 architecture phones. Just as I said earlier there are two versions of core application are available on the web so in case if you somehow delete the application or install a fresh copy of the Android OS on your phone you need to know which version of ARM architecture your phone is supporting.

The other name of ARM is ARM-v7a and ARM64 is also known as ARM-v8a. If you couldn’t find the name in the application title then you should look for these version names. Apart from running core application you can install customize applications from various third-party sources that offer to download APK version.

Identifying or Check your ARM Architecture on Android Phone

To check your android phone ARM architecture, you need to install an application on your phone and follow the steps:-

  • Download and install the Device Info HW application on your phone.
  • Open the application and click on the tab SOC.
  • Locate the machine section to check your phone ARM version.

That’s All for now if you need an assistant to know about your ARM Architecture feel free to leave a comment below.

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