What is Android Operating System?

Android Operating System:- In today world android is a well known name to most of the people whether he is a teenager or an adult but what exactly is the android, how it origin and work are still a mystery to most of the users. So in this guide we will provide detailed knowledge on android operating system.


How Android Origin?

Android is a mobile operating system founded in 2013 at Palo Alto of California. It is a linux based operating system which is designed and developed to easily operate cell phone just by clicking on icons. The main goal of android operating system is to design the advanced operating system which can deal with variety of task basically it was designed so that a small computer can fit in your pocket. It will take almost 5 years to release the first version of this operating system and on September 2008 the android v1.0 is released for HTC phone only. Afterwards various update are released for the operating system but android started to gain attention of the viewers after the release of the v1.6 donut which include various UI element and functions that none of the other operating system on mobile device does not given and for the fact the software is open source many company started to adopt the technology on their smartphone.

How it Works?

To know about how android operating system works first we need to understand its architecture. Android Architecture is based on the stack of software which are divided into five section out of the five section four section are required to operate the functionality of the smartphone those four section are given below:-

  1. Linux Kernal
  2. Libraries
  3. Application Framework
  4. Android Runtime

The last but not the least is the Application which are the program to run any task on your device included phone, contacts. To know even better about the architecture a diagram is given below:-


How The App are Developed?

As i have mentioned earlier android is open-source software so anybody can develop application in it and can customize the operating system as well. In order to test and developed the android application software is required in computer which is android emulator in which users can test the app and instantly customize the code or functions according to need. The emulator support various screen size so instead of testing the app on various android device developer can test the same on his computer screen and check it is correctly displayed on various screen size or not. The application running on emulator can also interact with database, connect to internet, play video and track locations.

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