What is ADB and How to Use It?


What is ADB:- ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is a developer tool which is used to give command to your android phone via USB cable connected with your computer. It is a command line tool which is used to copy and paste files in your phone system, run various shell commands, install and remove authorize and unauthorized apps in your phone. Many android developers are using ADB tools to modded their smartphone device and almost every app are tested using this tool.


How To Install and Use ADB Tool

ADB tool isĀ  part of android studio application in which many every android app were made. So before using the ADB tool we must understand first how to install android studio application in your computer.

Installing Android Studio

  1. In first step just go to the url “https://developer.android.com/studio/” and download the latest studio software on your computer.
  2. Unzip the downloaded files to your desired location so it could be easily accessible in future.
  3. Now open SDK Manager EXE file and deselect everything except ANDROID SDK PLATFORM – TOOLS.
  4. Leave everything as it is and click on Install button.
  5. Once the installation finished you can close the installation wizard.

After installing the software on your computer its time to grant privilege for the software to access your phone and you can do it by activating USB debugging mode in you smartphone.

Using ADB Tool

Once the debugging mode activated just go to folder where you install the android studio. In the folder press and hold left shift and then click on right mouse button anywhere on the page. Once you press the right mouse button bunch of option will be visible on that option click on “OPEN COMMAND WINDOW HERE”. Now a command prompt will be opened on that prompt type command “adb device” and press enter then command prompt will show the list of device attached.

If by any chance your device is not listed then reconnect the USB wire once again and try to connect. There is 40% chance that your device is now connected and listed in the command prompt when you type the command but if it is still not visible then you have to install driver to support your mobile device which can found on official website of your smartphone manufacturer or in XDA developers.

After downloaded just install the driver via Device Manager. To install the driver right click on My Computer and then go to Properties -> Device Manager. On Device Manager locate portable device and right click on your mobile name and then click on update driver software. Now browse for the downloaded driver located in your computer and install it. Once installed type the command “adb device” to check your smartphone is now connected.

Once connected you can run any command through the command prompt.

For more information on using ADB stay updated with this website.

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