What is a Bootloader and How to Unlock it?


While rooting your smartphone you might have seen and hear about bootloader unlocking first but what exactly is bootloader and why is it necessary to unlock it is unknown to most of the users. If you are searching for a guide to know about the bootloader then you came at the right spot.


What exactly is Bootloader?

Before understanding bootloader first you have learn about your android system. In smartphone every data even your operating system files are stored in the hard drive. On the hard drive of your smartphone various partition are made for example a storage where all the application data are saved and one partition where operating system data are saved. That’s why whenever you give erased or phone format command only the application data files are erased from device leaving android operating system files unharmed but in case you are unlocking the bootloader the be more careful because a single mistake in bootloader can corrupt your operating system.

In short bootloader direct the hardware of your smartphone to look for android operating system files stored on your smartphone to load and run properly which means every device in the world wheather it is Television, Computer and Smartphone have a custom boatloader. Some smartphone company like nexus given the users permission to unlock the bootloader of their smartphone with just one click of button but almost every other company encrypt the bootloader so to unlock that you need to obtain a password from the smartphone company by creating a account or you can follow the below mentioned steps to unlock bootloader.

How To Unlock Bootloader

To install custom recovery software like TWRP and ClockworkMod you first is to unlock bootloader of your android device.

  1. First switch off your smartphone.
  2. Connect your smartphone to computer via USB Cable.
  3. To enter into fastboot mode you need to press Volume Up + Power Key and on some device press Volume Down + Power key.
  4. Now leave the phone as it is and jump into your computer.
  5. Download the Android SDK files and install Universal ADB Driver into your computer.
  6. Extract the android SDK files and open the extracted folder.
  7. On Extracted SDK button hold down LEFT Shift key button and press right mouse button on pop-up menu click on OPEN COMMAND WINDOW HERE.
  8. Now type the command fasboot devices. if it display number and on next of it written fastboot.
  9. Type next command fasboot oem unlock that will bootload the device.
  10. Type one last command fasboot reboot the device will restart and your phone will be reboot.

For more information on Bootloader and rooting your device stay updated to this website.

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