What are Robocalls and How To Stop Them?


In 21st century when the smartphone craze are beginning to take effect and many users switch to mobile phone rather than using landline number then a new method of marketing product and election campaign also came into surface which we currently known as telemarketing. By activating a service named Do Not Disturb users who are suffer from unwanted call and SMS by telemarketing company can permanently or partially block their calls but as the technology progress new ways to use the techs gadgets are also introduced and recently telecom companies are facing a new kind of issue known as robocalls which is also a promotional method but rather than sending SMS or called by telecaller a pre-recorded messages will be conveyed.

This kind of promotional message are recently discovered to be used only during politics campaign and to share some kind of emergency announcement. Currently the telecom companies are figuring out how to deal with these kind of pesky calls so a perfect solution is not available but to avoid those calls you can install application from android or activate DND (Do Not Disturb) service. DND service only benefit the when a company is registered as telemarketing company or the telecom company has data to filter out the call that is selling or promoting stuff.



To Activate DND Service Follow and Stop Robocalls follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Just compose a new text message and type START 0 and send to 1909 to fully activate DND.
  2. If you partially activate the service before make sure to send START 0 again to full activate service,

Through Apk

There are various android and ios app that offer robocalls blocking service but none of them are perfectly block all calls but they are consecutively updating the app with number reported by users so to avoid maximum calls robocalls you should install and activate Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer for android device and Robokiller for ios devices.

For more information related to Robocalls stay updated with this website.

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