Want to Change the Color of Android LED Notification – Let’s Do It


Android LED Notification:- Customizing android phone is always a hot topic on the internet and many users are discovering new ways to enhance the uniqueness of their phones. In this article we will share the same kind of knowledge and take your smartphone one step closer to unique by changing the notification color of smartphone.

Before continuing further to this method i want to say that not all android phone is compatible to this change and many smartphone brand are still relying on hardware to change the notification color on smartphone but i should also say that there is no harm to try this method on your device the worst case scenario would be that this method might not work.

To change the notification color of android phone a user is required to download app through which changing of notification color will be possible but there are many smartphone out there that does not require app to change the notification colors. Make sure your notification light is turned on before following any method mentioned below if you are not sure that your notification light is turned on or not then first we will know how you can turned it on.


Turn on Notification Light

  1. First open your smartphone settings page.
  2. Locate section sound and notifications.
  3. Now locate the section notification light and turned it on.

From now on whenever you receive a notification a light will be blink but the color of the light will be default which we are going to change in next method

Changing Color of Notification Light

Now for the application part download and install Light Flow – LED Control on your android smartphone. Once installed follow the set of instruction:-

  1. Open the app and tap on option Notifications.
  2. Now select the option from list to choose the color of notification such as Missed Call, Voice Mail, E-mail, SMS etc.
  3. Once selected the service tap on notification color and choose from the list of colors. Now whenever the service is active you will see the notification color changing. ENJOY!

Let me know if this method works for you or not and if you have any thoughts about the app share it on comment section.

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