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Cloudflare is one of the renowned American companies that offer a variety of products related to the internet especially in the niche of cloud storage. is one of the Cloudflare service offered to every smartphone user for free. Although you can opt-in for premium services and use advance features with-in the application. Warp is a free VPN service designed for Android and iOS users to protect their devices from internet spoofing. We all know that privacy is a big concern in the digital world and various organizations improving and upgrading their services to fight back with malicious attackers that are spoofing user’s information.

Not just attackers internet service providers are also interested in your data so some service providers store your data and sell it to the interested parties. VPN services are needed to secure your online presence from these spoofers and what’s better service providers than the Cloudflare’s that doesn’t charge for this service.

Cloudflare servers are fast even if you are using it as a free user. My most viable concern of using this service as a free user is that it offers a certain volume of data and after that data is consumed you have to upgrade the service to a premium user. Since I am browsing social media and information portal the free quota per month from Cloudflare Warp is enough for me.

Setting up Cloudflare Warp on phone is quite easy you have to install the application from the play store, open it and tap on the middle button to activate it. Currently, the service is only offered to smartphone users so you couldn’t use it on your windows and mac based computers unless you follow the below-mentioned method.

Download Cloudflare Warp on PC

To run Cloudflare on your computer you have to install an android emulator first. Android Emulator is a software that simulates Android Phone on your computer. You can run any android application in your emulator including Cloudflare Warp


  • Internet Connection.
  • Windows or Mac Computer with At least 3 GB of Ram and iCore Processor.
  • Nox Android Emulator.

Download Emulator and Install Cloudflare

  • Visit the Official Nox Player Web Portal “https://www.bignox.com/” and download the software on your computer.
  • Once Downloaded open the Application and then click on any google application.
  • Log-in to your Google account and then click on the Play Store Icon.
  • Type in the search field and then click on the install button.
  • Open the application, add the VPN Profile and Enable the service.
  • Open browser window in Android Emulator and Check your internet IP Address. You can now browse any website anonymously.

For more information on Cloudflare Warp on PC stay updated to this page.

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