Top 5 Ways to Free Space on Android Internal Memory

Free Space on Android Device:- While purchasing a phone every smartphone users considered high internal space but no matter how much space your smartphone offer it will always shortens in matter of months by storing data such as video, photo and apps. If the space of the device shorten then we delete the data we known that are stored on internal space but still after deleting data the space is not entirely recovered that’s happen because your internal space are divided into various category and in this page we will show you how you can access those spaces and free your disk space.


1) Clear Cache and App Data

Almost every android apps used the feature cache and data where they store the temporary data to load your app much faster. On some data this data could be in KB/s but if the apps is quite big or connected to internet before used such as games then size data and cache will be much higher. Removing those caches might fix space issue for quite awhile.

  1. Go to Settings -> Apps or Application -> Application Manager and then tap on the app of your choice. Now tap on button cache and data to free up space.

2) Delete Social Media Storage

Apps like whatsapp, wechat and facebook stores media data on your smartphone. These data cannot be access through gallery so you have to browse the folder stored in your system to view or delete data with the help of file explorer. You will be surprised to see your smartphone space after removing those data.

3) Moving Major Application to SD Card

Application such as facebook and games are recommended to be moved on SD card to free up internal space. It may result in slow processing of data then before depends on your SD card speed but it is best to apply this method as your last resort.

Go to Settings -> Apps or Application -> Application Manager if the app support moving option then a button will be visible moved To SD Card tap on it to move your app.

4) Delete Downloadable Data

Anything you download from internet through your smartphone is stored in your download folder. If you like to download content from internet then you should clean your download folder at least once a month. To access the folder though file explorer just go to MY FILES.

5) Use of Cloud Service

Cloud services like google drive and drop box offers you free space to store your data on the website and download it again on your smartphone when needed. This option comes in handy when your SD card is full of media files or you want to take a backup of your smartphone.

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