Top 2 VPN To Play Call of Duty Mobile

Do you want to play call of duty mobile on your android phone? Does the game not available in your region right now? Well, we have prepared this information just for you so that you can download Call of Duty Mobile on your phone even if it’s not available in your region.

About Call of Duty Mobile Game

Call of Duty Mobile is a popular FPS game for android phone in which you will show your shooting skills to win a battle. The game looks quite similar to its PC version in many ways such as weapons and enemies. You can also team up with a random player or play with your friends using PVP mode. PVP mode is also known as battle royale in which a certain number of users participate in a single match to showcase their skills to be the best. In battle royale games the last team or last man standing in the game will win. The game is currently in beta version so there are limited numbers of the server to support the game but shortly the game will be released worldwide.

When the game starts whether its solo or squad you will see the stunning 3D atmosphere in your screen and your player will wear the military outfit from the start. Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty works exactly like the popular android game PUBG Mobile. At the beginning of the game, you will be dropped from the plane and use a parachute to land. Pick up items like health, guns, grenade and look for enemies to kill. In this battle royale game, you will drive vehicle and even fly choppers to find and take down your enemies. Apart from the battle royale, you can also enjoy legendary multiplayer mode to enjoy the game.

How To Play Call of Duty Using VPN

As we have said earlier that the game is currently running in beta stage which means the game can only be played in selected countries. Luckily if you are living or on a journey in India then you can play the game on your phone without the need of VPN. Yes at the moment only selected numbers of players can install the game from play store while the rest of the users can download the game from a third-party website. If you are living in India then you shouldn’t face any problem while playing the game but if you are living in other countries then that would be a problem for you because geolocation restriction causes many problems in the game.

If you are facing network connection error or authorization error then it means that the game is not available in your country. Currently, the game can be played on India servers only so long story short you need a VPN service that supports Indian servers and they should be best in their class regards to anonymity. We have tried many VPN service on our mobile and test if they are working with the call of duty mobile game and in the end, we came up with two best VPN services that will run call of duty game on your phone:-

1) ExpressVPN

Express VPN is your one-stop search if you are looking for VPN servers. It’s a premium service that offers many countries VPN along with India and their server response rate is very good. You can play call of duty game without any lag or error in the game. I am playing call of duty on my mobile using express VPN for quite a time now and didn’t face any issues while starting or playing the game.

2) Proxy Master VPN (Free)

The second service we recommended is the Proxy Master VPN which is free for all users. You can try 2 Indian servers along with other country servers. The bandwidth speed of the service is really good to play COD mobile on your phone. In case if one server from India is not responding then you can switch the server to the second one which will work according to the users. You can download proxy master VPN directly from the play store.

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