Speaki: The Best Notification App For Android Phone


Speaki is a voice notification application for the android phone that readout your incoming notification from multiple applications such as Whatsapp and Facebook. The application can only read out your notification for now which means it can’t read text messages or emails.

Back in those days when Symbian OS rule over the smartphone world, I remembered one of my friend show me an interesting feature in his smartphone which read out his text message loud. Comparing that time to now we really want the technology to be placed in our android phone and who knows the function to read out the text message might be made in the next version of the Android OS. Well, that’s just an assumption but after seeing the text recognization feature by android and google assistant application we can assume that reading out your text message or email loud by android phone is not quite a big fleet but ability to read the correct phrase of text may take some time. In the meanwhile, we found an application which will read out your text notification and the name of the application is Speaki.

The application is currently available to install on your phone through the android play store. Once you have installed the application on your open just open and toggle the Enable Speaki option to grant the access for the application to read out your notification loud. Once you enable the option it will be started to read out the next received notification although you can customize the setting of speaki app so it will read out the notification of the desired app you put a tick on. To do that you need to open the app and tap on the option Select App which is given under Speak Manager Section.

Almost every users don’t like the idea of reading out loud your social media message when you are in public places. Speaki have taken care of this embarrassing moment and installed an inbuilt function that the notification message will only be played when a user has plugged in the speaker. In order to activate the speaker function in your Speaki app then tap on the Speak Output and then select the option Headset.

For more information about speaki application stay updated to this website.


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