So your Facebook Account Got Hacked? What’s Next


Facebook Account Hacked:- In past when we hear the term hacking it means a serious cyber crime was gone through but today this word is casually taken by lot of users and they does not think it’s a crime at all untill those things came pass by to them. The same just happened with my recently when his account login credentials were stolen by hackers and they post various spammy messages to everyone which hurt his reputation a lot. I know what kind of struggle he is gone through and tensions he faced to get his account back to normal that is why today i am going to share information how to take your account back when it was hacked but before going through the solution first we need to know your account actually hacked or not.


Does your account Actually Hacked?

Before going to solution we have to figure out the problem first that is why we have to sort out first what problem we are facing. Below is the example with solution of some:-

#1 Duplicate Profile

When you search a name in the facebook search command the first thing you seen is bunch of user’s profiles with similar name related to the search. On those profiles you might have seen two identical looking profiles in which picture, detail, and name is same this should easily conveyed as duplicate profile. Most of the time it will happened with the bollywood or hollywood celebrity where bunch of fake profile has been created with the same name to gain attention of their fans or sometime the profiles will be created to promote website or product. Some users also compare duplicate profile creation to hacking and looking for solution regarding to that but actually it is not. If you ever face this kind of problem just ask for facebook customer service support to get rid of that duplicate profile.

#2 Login Credential Hacked

Hmm this was the most troublesome case of all when your profile login credentials were stolen and hacker can do anything he wants with other person profile. Now i am going to explain you how you can detect that your profile is hacked and you need to make quick action before anything bad happens.

  1. A spammy message or picture on timeline posted from your profile you did not know.
  2. Increasing number of unknown friend added to your profile.
  3. Someone reply to you that what kind of message you sent to them.
  4. Your personal information gets update.
  5. Added unknown facebook group, page like and followers to your profile.

Solution to the Problem

Once you detect the above mentioned activity in your profile just follow the solution i am going to explain:-

#1 Removing Untrusted One Click Login

While login or sign-up to your favourate service or ecommerce website you have noticed an facebook button through which you can directly sign-up or login to website without actually filling up the form that is known as One Click Login which you have to remove if you cannot trust the website or service anymore because various anonymous hackers use that as a media to hack your account. Just go to Settings -> Apps and mouse over the app you want to delete and then click on X button revoke the access of the service to your account. Once revoke just follow the next step.

#2 Change your Login Credentials

The second step is really simple and most important but to apply this method you have to revoke access to untrusted app first.

  1. Click on drop down icon given at the top right section of the page.
  2. Now a drop down menu will be appeared then SETTINGS.
  3. On Settings page click on SECURITY AND LOGIN.
  4. Now click on EDIT and then CHANGE PASSWORD.
  5. Type a new password and press on Save Changes.

For more information on How to solve Hacked Facebook Account problem stay updated to this website.

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