SD Card is Not Detected on Android Phone or Computer – Fixed

SD Card is Not Detected:- SD card is a backbone of every android phone especially if you have low internal storage device with the memory of not more than 4 GB. The android market and internet is becoming big day by day and there are huge amount of data and app we need on our phone to entertain our-self or use it for the purpose of retrieving or sending files. No matter what type of work you are doing you need space on your phone to store it and internal memory does not fill that criteria to store that much amount of data so its obvious choice to use SD card but there are lot of problem users are facing each and everyday due to data corruption or not detection of SD card on their devices. Data corruption problem might be fixed with the format option but how can we fix the issues if memory card is not detected. At first it seems impossible because a technical problem is out of reach for normal users but many fixes has been discovered by android enthusiast to solve this problem so lets see what solution we have found.

Fixes for Android Phone not Detecting SD Card

There could be number of factors behind SD card not detecting or working problem so we will create a guide especially for you in which we have written the best possible solution for this problem:-

Fix#1 Remove your SD Card and Reinsert IT

No matter how bizarre it sound but reinserting the memory card again after cleaning it gently with tissue paper or a piece of soft cloth will fix the problem of not detecting on many smartphone. During your daily activity the phone in your pocket or in your hand shakes a lot and that shaking might affect the placement of SD card which is why your smartphone could not detect it and other possible reason for this problem could be a technical glitch or the dirt accumulates over the time.

Fix#2 Format Your SD Card

A fresh SD card needed a format i know when i have purchased my first SD card it does not work on my phone and when i connect it to computer via Card Reader it show me a drive after which i have format it thanks to the instruction of card seller and his customer support. Not to just new this problem might pass on to the older SD card so if your SD card is not fixed by cleaning or reinserting it then it’s worth a shot to try this option by following step by step instruction given below.

  1. Connect your SD card with PC via SD Card Reader.
  2. Press shortcut keys WINDOWS + E to open explorer and then right click on Micro SD Card Reader and select option format.
  3. After formatting your card put it back to your phone and try to store files.

Check the compatibility of SD card

This might be annoying to all users but its a fact that the technology in SD card is progressing and new SD card is made according to latest phone. If you have old version of phone and try to install the latest SD card then it might not work due to hardware specifications. So make sure before you purchase a SD card check the compatibility with your current phone.

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