Problem in Installing Third Party App on Android – Here is the Solution


Installing Third Party App:- Third party apps became widely popular due to the concept of premium apps that you will found on play store at price and apps that are unique by nature because it’s feature does not find on other apps. There are bunch of apps that does not allow to be listed on play store for security and the privacy of users you can take example of rooting apps which has the ability to change your entire operating system files and let you install bunch of codes and themes which makes your phone UI and feature quite high then other users that has same phone which is why these apps are so popular in android world. By default your android operating system are protected to not install the app on your device but as a users you can override this command through settings page.


Enabling Third Party Apps on Android Smartphone

Your android smartphone will automatically identify the third party app if the option is currently disabled. When you try to install a third party when the option is disabled then a message will be pop-up and it will shows INSTALL BLOCKED. If you have encountered the same problem then follow the steps:-

  1. Unlock your smartphone and go to Settings page.
  2. On Settings page tap on option APPLICATION.
  3. On Application page tick on option UNKNOWN SOURCE.
  4. When you tap on Unknown Source a message will be pop-up regarding security concern tap on OK to activate installing third party application.

Benefits of Third Party Apps

  1. Bunch of unique app which you cannot found on play store or if it is available then you should pay for it.
  2. Various developers around the world are offering and releasing beta version of app on third party website so you got yourself the opportunity to try the app before hitting it on play store.
  3. Full control on your entire operating system and apps that add bunch of feature on your OS is quite a useful trick to show your friends that you are an awesome coder.
  4. Can remove native apps from your smartphone which are specifically designed by the manufacturer and could not be removed untill you install third party apps.

If you have any question regarding enabling third party app on your smartphone just write down your question or query related to the topic on comment section.

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