How To Install and Use Bitmoji Keyboard on Android Phone


Install Bitmoji Keyboard:- Bitmoji is an online application for custom emoji designed and developed by Bitstrip Inc. The company designed a custom avatar based on the situation of what the user wants to convey with a quoted text message. The application was easily integrated with the list of social media apps and users can draw out the emoji through his chat text windows. To use bitmoji in your android phone you need to create an account on the website otherwise you cannot send the emoji to your friend. In order to create an account or use bitmoji in your phone follow the step by step guide:


Use Bitmoji Keyboard on Android

Bitmoji application is currently available for Android and iOS Smartphone but the application did not work as each and every Android Application because you need to install one more app before bitmoji and follow a trick to activate the application on each and every social media application.

Setup Bitmoji

  1. First Go To Play store and Install the application “Gboard – the Google Keyboard”.
  2. After installing the GBoard you have to install “Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji”.
  3. Once you installed both apps then its time to create an account on Bitmoji. Open the bitmoji app and then click on button log-in with your Snapchat Account. Once log-in take your picture and make your avatar with inbuilt settings.
  4. Once you are done with creating your profile then head back to the main menu of your smartphone and then go to Settings Page.
  5. Now scroll down and search for option Language & Input. In Redmi phone this option will be visible under additional settings but if you own a different mobile phone then this option might be available in the On-Screen Keyboard page or something similar to it.
  6. Under Keyboard & Input Method tap on Current Keyboard and choose option GBOARD. Again this option might be slightly different depending on which company smartphone you are using.
  7. Once you selected the Gboard option you are ready to use Bitmoji Avatar.

Use Bitmoji

  1. Once you have selected the Gboard head back to the main screen and tap on the social media app of your choice, for example, I am using Whatsapp.
  2. In WhatsApp tap on any contact and on message window tap on type text field. You will notice a different type of keyboard than usual it’s ok that’s GBoard. On that keyboard tap on G icon visible at the top left side.
  3. Once you tap on the G Icon latest and trending news appear on top and on the bottom of it icon list will appear. On those icons, list tap on the laughing icon to open stickers.
  4. Now you can view a list of stickers but to enable bitmoji you have to tap on the bitmoji icon visible at bottom of the stickers icons.

If you cant activate or face any kind of problem while accessing bitmoji avatars in your android phone just pass down your problem in the comment section.

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