How To Install and Use Sony Music/Walkman App on your Phone


Install Sony Music on Android Phone:- Sony mobile phones were the game changer in the era of android phones building up their presence in the market. I have remembered that the songs that have been played on walkman phone are not able to be compared with any other phone. The quality of sound produced by the application and hardware components at that time are even challenging the android phones of the current era. Xperia phones do not maintain their glory for long due to the affordable phones at a competitive price but the walkman application still intrigues us over any other music application.

Walkman application which is currently known as Sony Music is an inbuilt application made by Sony Company for their smartphones only. The application is not distributed anywhere by the sony company itself, however, some developers ported out the music application from Xperia phone and post the application on third party website which is currently available for anyone to download for free. If you are looking for a safe link to download the application on your phone just heed on to the download section of the page.

We have installed the application on our phone and use it for quite some time. First, the developers have changed the UI structure of the application so at first run you will notice a purple color navigation and a different UI structure. If you didn’t like the UI of the application you can change it anytime by going into settings page. At first, its confused us a bit and questioned if the app is real but we have checked the authenticity of the application and found its genuine. Once you opened the application you will notice a menu button on the left side of the page which includes every single shortcut related to the application like Songs, Library, Album, and Settings. Now let’s see how to install the application on your phone.


Download Sony Music Application

Follow the below-mentioned link to download the application in your phone

Sony Music Application

Install the Application on Your Phone

  1. Once you have Download the application from the link given above locate it by going to download section and install it by tapping on it.
  2. It’s a third party application so your phone will try to block the application if something like that happened just go to SETTINGS -> SECURITY -> UNKNOWN SOURCES -> ALLOW.
  3. Once you allow the settings you can install the application on your phone.

For more information related to the Sony Music application stay updated with the website.


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