Identifying Fake Apps on Google Play Store – Solved


Fake Apps on Google Play Store:- Whenever we think about installing an application on our android phone only one place comes to our mind and that is play store. You might have read a lot of page regarding android or watch videos that everybody recommends you to install an application from play rather than the shady looking third party source if possible. Google is a trusted source to host android application and since the beginning, the company is strict about the data privacy but currently, there are a lot of applications on the play store are hosted as fake apps.

Fake Apps and Its Effects

A fake app is really bad for your data privacy and the phone in which that application is installed. A fake application collects your data and sells it to the company for profits or they can identify your password pattern and use it on multiple websites to access your other account. An application like that looks genuine in the beginning as per the user experience but they will show you multiple ads during your app runtime. A lot of fake application is only made for the purpose for generating revenue through ad network but at the same time, your data is at the risk too which is why it is important to know and identify the fake apps before installing them.


Problem in Identifying

Currently, there are millions of applications that have been uploaded on the play store and identifying each and every application from the list is quite a tough task but Google is still working on improving its algorithm so it will be easy to identify these applications but in the meantime, we need to be aware of some basic facts so that we could identify fake application easily. Now the main question arises that how we can identify these sort of application.

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Identifying Fake Application

A fake application can be identified by the following ways mentioned below:-

By Knowing The Developers Name

You can enter the same type of graphics and identical text to make the application look genuine but putting on the same name as the developer is impossible in play store. A developer may add each and every word of the developer but he has to put a space line or any mark in-between the name so that it may look same for an innocent user but in reality, if you take a close look on the developer name you can easily tell the difference between the fake and real ones.

Checking Installs Count of an Application

A great way to identify a fake application before installing it on your phone will be to check the install count of an application. You will see the install count at the bottom of the application description page. A popular a[pplication such as WhatsApp has billion of install but fake apps have only thousand of install that is why you should check the install count before installing any app to check its authenticity.

Check Review of the Application

Reviews tell it all!! The best way to safeguard your phone and data is to pay attention to the review posted by the users in the description page of the application. I love to read the review posted by the user before installing any application and believe me, these little reviews tell a lot about the application and it even tells you the problem that users currently facing. Your little time on reviews might save you installing fake apps on your phone.

For more information about identifying fake apps on play store stay updated to this page.

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