How to Watch Youtube Videos in Incognito Mode on Android


Watch Youtube Videos in Incognito Mode:- When you re-visited youtube website the first thing you will see is the new video which were related to the previous videos you have watched. In other word these videos are known as recommendation which is based on your taste to watch videos. If it’s your personal computer or android smartphone then there is no need to worry you could have watch anything on it but if your android device or smartphone is shared or used by any other person whether it could be friend or family member then things might get ugly for you because if you watch any controversial video then the recommended video should also be controversial and everybody knew that youtube only show video based on what you have watched recently. So in order to watch video anonymously on android device many users install and use different browser which have the ability to browse internet anonymously and the users who are using chrome browser has the function to browse anonymously using incognito mode. You probably should have use incognito mode on your computer but with recent update released by the company you could use the same feature on android device just by modifying some settings from app. If you want to get rid of recommendation for quite some-time you could use inbuilt function incognito mode on android smartphone.


Watch Youtube Videos in Incognito Mode on Android

Recently android company has released an update for youtube app in which users can now use incognito mode to watch video so that your history will not be shared. The update is automatic so if you are connected to internet the update might get installed on your android phone but if you haven’t seen any option in the upcoming method then you should install update first.

  1. Open youtube app.
  2. Tap on your profile picture which is visible on top right side of the page.
  3. Once you click on profile picture you will be taken to account page here search and tap on option TURN ON INCOGNITO.
  4. Now a message box will be appeared in which it is written that you are now in incognito mode.

If you can’t access incognito mode for any reason just write down your query in comment section and i will be in touch as soon as i can.

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