How To View WiFi Password on Android Phone – Solved


Everyone nowadays has multiple devices that can connect to the internet. It may cost a lot if you take the internet connection of each device so everybody is using WiFi to share the internet connection between each device. Whether you visit your friend’s house, institute or office you will found at least one WiFi connection within the infrastructure. Most of these WiFi connections are password protected and to connect your device to the internet you have to ask the owner to either enter the password or he will give you the password.

Most of the time WiFi owner entered the password by himself for one-time use. Once the internet disconnected you have to ask the owner again to enter the password and it goes on. It’s also kind of annoying to the owner if you asked for the WiFi password multiple times. To avoid such an awkward situation I would like to share information on how you can view the WiFi password on your android phone.

View WiFi Password on Android Phone

  • Go to Settings -> Wireless & Network -> WiFi.
  • Tap on the Connected Network and take a screenshot of the QR Code by tapping on the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously.
  • Once the screenshot of the QR Code is taken just visit the website “”.
  • Now upload the screenshot image on the website and then tap on the button Submit.
  • On the Parsed Result section you can view the password of the connected WiFi Connection. ENJOY!

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