How to View Private Instagram Photos and Profiles – Solved


View Private Instagram Photos:- Instagram is popular for its data protection policy and if you are already a hacker, programmer or sneaking into other profile using software then you should not it by now that breaching the policy of instagram is nearly impossible. I have tried to view the profile of many celebrities and various private users by myself but it didn’t work as planned but i am managed to find out a trick after which you could view the photo the users even if the photo is not public and you are not friend with him.

Before we begin to view this trick I would like to tell my users that this method does not involved any kind of hacking or data breach in policy. This method is a bug in instagram program which might get resolved in future update of the software. With this method I am manage to view the photos of private members and their profiles so it means this method will surely work for you as well.


How to View Private Instagram Photos

To view a private profile or photo you need a android phone that support instagram app and a chrome browser. Once you arrange the phone and install the app then follow the below mentioned steps:-

  1. Open your Instagram App and sign-in to your account.
  2. Once sign-in search the private profile whose photo you want to see.
  3. In the profile section of that users tap on three dot lines and copy the URL.
  4. Now paste that url in your chrome browser and tap on forward button to browse.
  5. Now tap and hold on picture for few seconds then a pop-down menu will be appear. On that menu section tap on option “Open Image in New Tab”.
  6. Now you can view the private image ENJOY!.

How to View Private Instagram Profile

Well many online services claim that they are providing service to view private profile of any instagram user but in reality it isn’t. They are trying to fool you so that you can send them money yes you think right about them they are scammers. Other free online service and software that are offering the same service by completing a survey are also fake so if you are currently thinking to try them don’t do it. If you honestly want to view the private profile then just send the follow up message

Let me know your thought about the View Private Instagram Photos and Profiles if you know any service who are selling service and want me to do a survey about them just write in comment section.

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