How to Use Kik App on PC and Laptop – Solved


Use Kik App on PC:- Using android app on your computer was always a hot topic between android enthusiasts. No matter how many software computer had made nothing beats the good old android apps in the manner of making games and social media apps such as Kik. There are plenty of apps which roam into our hearts and we could not think about spending a day without these apps but the major problem which every android users face while using the app is that it does not have an alternate solution of running. By alternate solution of running means the app can run on both operating system android as well as windows such as facebook but most of the app brand does not provide these solution and we are tied up to use the app on android platform which does not goes well when your smartphone data is finished or your phone can’t use the app for reasons such as phone is not working.

To provide solution to the problem various software developers has found a solution which in the form of software which can emulate any android app and work as efficient as high-end android smartphone. On the web you will found plenty of software developed by the developers that can emulate an android app but in this article I am providing the top notch software which is updated regularly and has high rating over any other android emulator.


How to Use Kik App on PC using Bluestack

  1.  First go to the following website “” and download the latest version of the software.
  2. Once downloaded install the software on your computer using setup file.
  3. Now open bluestack software and click on search bar and type KIK MESSENGER.
  4. Once downloaded locate the app on the dashboard and click to open it.
  5. Now sign-in to your account using your existent log-in id and enjoy the app.

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