How To Transfer Your Android Pictures on PC


Transfer Android Pictures:- Transferring picture from android smartphone to your personal computer seems difficult and long procedure but it is actually not. With just few swaps of buttons and a correct way will save your lot of time to transfer photo on your computer. In this page we will explain 2 simple step by step and safest way to transfer your android smartphone photos directly to your computer.



1) Through Google Drive

Not only picture this app is made to take backup of every files or data stored on your smartphone to cloud storage so you can access the files anytime via login to your account. The product also allows you to stream video files and save content on your personal computer or any other smartphone device.

  1. Go to Play Store and Download Google Drive if it’s not installed in your smartphone.
  2. Once installed open it and tap on + given at bottom right side of the page.
  3. Now tap on UPLOAD and then choose destination where your picture files are stored.
  4. Tap on single or multiple files and then tap on OPEN.
  5. Once your files are uploaded then open your laptop and then browse the following url “”.
  6. Now sign-in to your account, right click on picture of your choice and then click on button download.

2) Through Copy and Paste using USB Drive

The above mentioned method are well suited for those users who have less photos stored on smartphone but if you have tons of picture files then USB method are the recommended one due to fast transferring of speed. To access files structure through USB follow the step by step method mentioned below:-

  1. Connect your smartphone to computer via USB cable.
  2. Once connected your smartphone will begin to install on computer via plug and play driver.
  3. Once installed a drive will be appeared in my computer open that drive.
  4. Open DCIM folder and then CAMERA.
  5. In the camera folder you will find every picture stored in your smartphone.

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