How To Transfer Rediffmail Emails To Gmail – Solved


Transfer Rediffmail Emails To Gmail:- Are you looking for a way to transfer your rediffmail emails into Gmail safely? You can do that by changing some settings into your rediffmail account but a lot of users doesn’t know exactly how it’s done which is why we have created a step by step instruction on how to transfer your rediffmail email to Gmail.

As everyone knows it that Gmail is the best email service available till date due to its features and products that can add up to its email services such example can be seen with Google Drive in which you can store or share GB of data by attaching a single link. Another reason to choose Google account is that it offers all of its services under one account which means you can log-in to Youtube, Google Drive, Play Store and many other services using a single email address. By seeing services like that many users shifted their email address and most of the users I know are from rediffmail. They have created a new account on Gmail but they were hanging between two different accounts because their rediffmail account has been used on various other websites. I think many users aware of the fact that there is a concept of mail forwarding and today we use this mail forwarding technique to transfer your rediffmail emails to Gmail.


Forward Rediffmail To Gmail

Just follow the step by step instruction on how you can enable mail forwarding feature and transfer your emails to Gmail. I have listened and seen paid applications that offers you to forward your email address but there is no need to use those service.

  1. First Log-in to your rediffmail account and once you land on the dashboard page click on the option “My Settings”.
  2. In My Settings page look for the option “Auto Forward” or “Forward Your Emails” and click on it. You will find only one of the option because of standard or classic version of Rediffmail.
  3. Now type your Gmail Address on any option you found and then save the settings.
  4. Once you save the settings then tap on the button “Start Forwarding My Emails”. Now your Gmail Address will receive your rediffmail.

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