How To Take Long Screenshot in Android Phone – Includes Scrolling


Android phones nowadays come with a pre-installed screenshot feature. Just tap and hold the volume down + power buttons for a few seconds to take a screenshot of your visible phone screen. Now that’s the major problem of default screenshot application that it only captures the visible part of the screen. We’ve all know that application and website are lengthy and long nowadays due to a load of content adding each day. Take an example of Facebook you’ll need at least a few minutes to scroll down to check all the posts of your friends.

As I have mentioned earlier the default screenshot feature only captures the visible so the scrolling portion remains uncaptured. Many users capture the remaining screen by scrolling down, capturing the visible area and stitching them using image editing software. Well, that’s one way to solve the problem but that only method consumes a lot of time for users. There are no applications available in the market that will auto scroll your phone and capture a perfect screenshot because scrolling automatically on your phone requires root access.

What you can do in this situation is to use an application from the android play store named LongShot for long screenshot. As the name refers itself you can manually take scrolling / long screenshot of any app or website using this application. Just heed down the instruction given below to capture the scrolling screenshot.

How To Take Long Screenshot in Android Phone

  • Open play store, search for the app LongShot for long screenshot and install it on your android phone.
  • Open the app and tap on the button Capture Screenshot.
  • Enable the option “Permit the app to draw over other Apps”.
  • Now browse the webpage or application that you want to capture and tap on the Save button to start capturing screen.
  • Scroll down and the application automatically captures the visible screen.
  • Once you’ve captured all the screen on your phone tap on the DONE button to save the long screenshot.

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