How To Stop Irritating Emails From Twitter


Emails From Twitter:- Social media companies are part of our lives now and currently we are spending hefty amount of time using social media website such as Twitter or Facebook. Hat’s off to the social website who keep us updated through email and pop-up notifications regarding the activity on our account in those hours when we are not logged-in or available. Untill the social website send us email regarding our activity on the website it’s fine but when we started to get pesky emails from company such as friend recommendation or who to follow things are started to get irritating and it does not stop untill we remove the email notifications from the settings. So now let’s take a look on how you can stop the irritating emails from twitters account.


Problem With Twitters Email Notifications

The most irritating issue I faced when disabling email notification is whenever i turned it off it will enable itself. When I have created my account i am positive that i have cleared the email notification regarding the “Suggestion of Recommended Friend” but i am still getting those emails on my account. Well anyway i have disabled the service for quite some-time and it didn’t bother me afterwards.

How To Disable Email Notification From Twitter

If you want to disable your email notification just follow the instruction below.

  1. Login to you twitter account and then click on your PROFILE PICTURE located at the top right side of your page.
  2. When you clicked on Profile Picture a drop down menu section will be appear on that menu section click on SETTINGS AND PRIVACY.
  3. On Left side of menu section click on option Email Notifications.
  4. On Email Notification page click on option first option TURN OFF to disable every email notification by twitter. If you want to receive some email notification then untick the option which is not required and then click on button SAVE CHANGES.

Well for now every email notification will be removed from your account but be sure to visit again and disable the notification again if a new notification plan is introduced by twitter.


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