How to Solve Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has stopped Error?


Unfortunately, Google Play Services:- One of the common error that every users has encountered once in its life is error. The error possibly occurred when you are trying to browse the play store apps with a displayed message. Once this error take its place in your phone then most of the time you have to apply solution to fix but in some case as the other user said this problem will be solved upon restarting your phone so the first recommendation for the error is restarting your phone.

If you have tried the solution of restarting and your phone is still displaying the error upon opening the play store app then it will be the time to use advance solution which i am going to explain further. In case if you need to download the app right now before fixing the problem then you should go to the official play store through your chrome or Firefox browser and install the app. Just relax and ready before starting to solve the solution because the situation can be frustrated from now on why? Because there are 3 alternative solutions to Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped which you should have to applied in case of one is not working.


Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has stopped Solutions

Solution #1 Clearing Cache and Data

First we will apply the basic solution for this and every error that have or may happen in android app which is clearing cache and data.

  1. Just go to SETTINGS -> APP (APP MANAGER) -> ALL APPS.
  2. Locate the app of your choice to clear it data currently we are solving Play Store error so we should search and tap on appĀ Google Play Services.
  3. In the play store app tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data button.
  4. Once its clear down to 0 then reboot your phone and try to open the play store app.

Solution #2 Factory and Hard Reset Smartphone

So the first attempt to access play store service is failed don’t worry we would apply this second solution to solve the problem.

  1. To perform a factory reset all you need to do is just go to SETTINGS -> ADDITIONAL SETTINGS and locate option Backup and Reset. On older phone backup and reset option is available in setting page.
  2. On backup and reset option scroll down to option factory reset and tap on it to perform in your phone.
  3. Once your phone is factory reset all the settings of your phone will be restored to the point when you first start your phone.

Solution #3 Install a Fresh Version of the Play Store App

The final attempt to solve the problem is first uninstall and then reinstall the app. Since the app is play store you need to download the app from third party source. Once downloaded install the app on android phone and try to run the app again.

If you are struggling to remove the play store app from your android device then follow these steps:-

  1. Go to Settings and then tap on APPS.
  2. Now search for the app Google Play Services and then tap on Google Play Services.
  3. In Play Store app tap on button Uninstall Updates.

These three are the best solution to remove theĀ Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped Error. If your problem is still not resolved or you are getting different error message from before just type your message in comment section and i will do my best to respond to your query.

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