How to Solve Samsung Wireless Charging Paused Error


Samsung Wireless Charging Paused:- Wireless charging are currently seen as the future trend in android or Ios phone but still the technology lacks wide range of acceptance by worldwide users due to the expensive price and lack of technological updates. There are lot of rumours going around the web after the exploding incident in samsung phone that there wireless are not charging and displayed a frustrating message “Wireless Charging Paused” and after we research about it we found that there are numbers of users who have encountered the problem. This error has not just occurred in one phone other samsung phone are affected by it as well.

So first we thought we should compare other wireless charging with samsung phone. Now for two our favourite phone join head to head battle of supremacy over wireless charging paused error. The first one is samsung galaxy s8 and the second one is Iphone X. We have taken this test for few days and figure out that we did encounter a problem in wireless charging paused on samsung phone but the iPhone is working flawlessly on wireless charging and we can’t point out any complaint regarding paused issue.

A test confirmed that there are still issue on company side which need to be fixed by the developers on the future product of samsung but that does not solve the problem we are encountering right now in our phone. We have tried bunch of solution regarding this problem and luckily there are bunch of useful tricks which you can follow in order to fix the charging paused issue in your smartphone.


Samsung Wireless Charging Paused Error – Solved

We have found three major solutions to the wireless charging solution which worked on different scenario.

Solution #1 Restart Your Device

Restarting or rebooting your phone is the ultimate solution to solve many weird problem in your smartphone an in various condition we fix the wireless charging problem through this so it is advised that you should use this trick before looking any further solution.

Solution #2 Clearing System Cache

Cache stored bunch of useless data on your smartphone. I admit cache help a lot to browse any website fast but it can cause many problem as well so it is advisable to remove the cache of your smartphone in timely manner but if you encountered any medium or minor problem you should try clearing cache first:-

  1. Switch off your mobile phone.
  2. Once your phone is switched off press and hold HOME + VOLUME UP + POWER Keys.
  3. After pressing the keys for few second your phone will vibrate then release keys.
  4. First an android logo will be appeared then your phone will be accessing recovery mode. Now navigate the recovery option by Volume UP or DOWN keys then choose option WIPE CACHE PARTITION with power button.
  5. Now just wait for the entire process to finish which might take few minutes then reboot your phone and try to charge your phone again.

Solution #3 Wipe Data/Factory Reset

The final solution to the problem is wipe out your entire phone data which take your phone back to its manufacturer state. Let’s see how it’s done:-

  1. Switch off your phone and press HOME + VOLUME UP + POWER Keys to enter recovery mode.
  2. Now navigate the recovery option in recovery mode by pressing Volume UP or DOWN keys then choose option WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET with power button.
  3. Now wait for few seconds to finish the process and then your phone will be automatically booted and try to charge the phone again.

This final solution helps me to charge my phone again and i will hope this method will work for you. If any of the above method did not work for you just write down your problem in detail in comment section and i will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.


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