How To Solve Every Requesting Verification Error in Whatsapp


When you are trying to register an account on Whatsapp a verification code is sent to you by call or SMS to verify that you own that number. If you put that code incorrectly or you didn’t receive the code on your phone then a verification error is generated and until you didn’t solve the error you can’t access any WhatsApp Services. There are three main reasons for Whatsapp Verification Error to be appeared on your phone:-


1) Sim Card is Inactive or Don’t Have a Sim Card

Make sure to insert a SIM card into your phone. If you didn’t buy a sim card till now then I am recommending to purchase one right now and insert it into your phone. Once the sim is inserted make sure the number is active. To check if your SIM card is active, call on any phone number or send a message. If the recipient received the call or message then the number is active otherwise contact customer support or visit the nearby store and share your problem.

2) Timed Out or Attempted Too Many Times

Upon receiving the verification code make sure to enter the code at the mentioned time. If you didn’t enter the code in the remaining seconds then you have to wait for some time to attempt again. In case if you attempted the wrong verification code too many times then you have to wait for certain amount of time to reattempt again.

3) If you Entered Wrong Phone Number

In case if you entered the wrong phone number then first you have to change your phone number by tapping on the Wrong Number? and change the number to the correct one. Once the number is change tap on the call button or SMS button to get the verification code. If the resend SMS time was given in days then you can just tap on the call button to verify the account immediately. If both verification processes took the number of days then do this simple trick. Go to Settings -> Date and Time and change the time to one hour advance and then reopen Whatsapp. Repeat the process till one of the processes is active.

Note: Verification process can only be done through SMS or by Calling. You cannot verify your Whatsapp Account through Email.

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