How to Setup WiFi Tethering on Android Phone – Solved


Wifi Tethering:- There are two types of internet plan running all over the world the first one is broadband specifically design for computer and second one is through mobile carrier specifically design for mobile phones. A broadband internet connection can be shared with every WiFi enabled devices through a router but if you want to share your smartphone data then you have to setup WiFi Tethering on your smartphone after which your smartphone will act like a router used to connect with various other WiFi enabled devices.

Broadband vs WiFi Tethering

A broadband connection is lot faster, unlimited and cheap compared to the mobile carrier whereas a smartphone data is expensive, slow and limited to GBs but still we are using this method and searching for it. It’s true that this method will empty your pocket if not use wisely but whenever you are in a remote area, camp site, or your broadband connection fails to connect due to technical issue by vendor you can use this method and instantly connect to internet and finish important work.


How to Setup WiFi Tethering on Android Phone

There are three ways to connect your computer with laptop and share internet connection but the most used method is Wifi tethering because it’s a predefined feature provided by android operating which is currently available in every smartphone. Let’s see how it’s done with step by step instruction:-

  1.  Go to your phone Settings and then tap on option Wireless and Network.
  2. Now tap on option Hotspot and Tethering.
  3. Now tap on Set-Up WiFi Hotspot and fill out the detail. On Network Name type the name of your network it could be anything number or character so don’t worry about it.
  4. On Security choose WPA2 PSK.
  5. Type password and then tap on Save.
  6. Once the information is saved head over to your computer. You will find the name of the network that you have recently created and when you connected to the network you can access internet.

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