How To Send Fake Location on Whatsapp (Android/iOS)

Sending Live Location to one of your friends or family members may help them to know where you currently so they can come to pick you up in case of emergency but this method may have busted you in case you want to spend some private time. If you are a person who loves privacy then you should know how to fake your location in WhatsApp so that users believe in each word you say.

Location Sharing Overview

As of 2017 WhatsApp Launch a Feature Named Location Sharing and Since then many users have adopted this feature in their application. The feature allows other users to track your location so they can reach there way faster than asking help from people. The feature is launched for the sole purpose of helping users to find their loved ones but the feature is also used spy on users using Live Location Sharing Feature.

Do you fed-up from being spied by your loved ones? Do you need your private life back without worry your loved ones then follow the step by step instruction given below:-

Sending Fake Location on Whatsapp using Android Phone

Currently, you can use two ways to send a fake location to other WhatsApp user. The first method is quite simple requires a little bit of your effort while the second is the hard one requires a third-party application to be installed on your phone before it works. If the users you are sending location is one of the noobies in technology then the first method will definitely work on him but if he is using tech for a long then he will definitely be caught you if you used the first method while the second method is undetectable.

Method Number 1 Using Fake Search Map

  • Open Whatsapp and then tap on the contact to whom you want to send the fake location.
  • On the bottom right side of the page tap on the icon ATTACHMENT and then tap on LOCATION.
  • A map will be loaded on your screen. Now search a location of your choice like a shop or nearby attraction and then hit enter.
  • Once the location is selected you can send it to the user but make sure if the user is well-versed with the tech he will know that you have sent fake location.

Method Number 2 Using Third-Party Application

Now let’s take the technology to the next level and use advanced method to fake your current location. If you are tinkering with your android phone or play games like Pokemon Go or Harry Potter Wizard Unite you must’ve heard a term name Location Mocking or Location Spoofing Somewhere. Now we will use this method to trick other WhatsApp users and hide your current location:-

  • First, we will install a Fake GPS app on our android phone.
  • Once the application is installed activate developer options and inside Developer Options -> Allow Mock Location.
  • Open Quick Drawer Settings and the Tap & Hold GPS ICON or LOCATION ICON for a few seconds. It will take you to the GPS SETTINGS page where you will set the priority to “Device Only”.
  • Head Back to the main application menu and open the Fake GPS App.
  • Select any location of your choice with the Fake GPS application and that will be your current device location.
  • Open Whatsapp -> Start Conversation -> Tap on Attachment -> Maps -> Send Your Current Location. That’s All

For more information on Sending Fake Location on Whatsapp stay updated to this page.

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