How to Remove Ransomware Virus from Android Phone


Remove Ransomware Virus:- Viruses on smartphone are really rare to see but it does not mean that phone can’t catch cold in the form of virus. The fact is android does not allow malicious android app on their playstore and most of the virus lurking on the internet are configured to harm computer not your smartphone so we can also say that its one of the benefits of using android operating system. So your smartphone is safe to browse internet by using android operating system as a shield and rest of the problem are solved by antivirus app which can be easily found on play store but if your smartphone get caught by ransomware software then the story is totally changed – why? Because it will lock your smartphone and keep prompting messages about extortion money to remove that software from your smartphone else all of your data will be removed so what choice do you have in that matter except paying money and get your smartphone run smoothly. If you looking for solution related to the matter then i will tell you step by step how you can remove that trouble-making ransomware virus from your smartphone.


How to Remove Ransomware Virus from Android Phone

Hackers or professional programmers who developed ransomware virus will show alert on users mobile in few minutes of time-span for the money to remove the application from your phone but recently a number of users chooses to destroy their data rather than sending money to the hackers so taking that point into consideration a new change has been made by the software developers like now the message is showing like The Government Authority is locking your phone to save it from new virus crossing in lots smartphone kindly donate some money for the cause, Well first of government authority does not send this kind of message and ask for any kind of donation. If you ever receive this kind of message in your smartphone just follow the mentioned steps:-

1) Reboot and Close All Running Application

First of all reboot your phone it will close already running bunch of application and rest of it can be cleared through Settings > Apps > All Apps -> Apps Name -> Force Stop.

2) Install Malware Bytes App

Once you stop all the application from running except playstore then install malware bytes security app in your phone and run a whole smartphone scan. Please wait patiently untill it’s fully complete and remove software.

3) Factory Settings

Ransomware virus might change the settings of your operating system so it is highly advisable that you perform a factory reset to get back the default settings of your smartphone. Just go to Settings -> Backup & Reset -> Factory data reset.

This method will remove ransomware virus from your android phone in case if a problem still persist in your phone just write down your problem in comment section.

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