How to Reduce Minimum Brightness on Android Phone


Minimum Brightness on Android:- Most of the users are often complaint about the screen brightness of cell phone during day or night time. Most of these cases are related to increase the amount of brightness but users rarely talk about the minimum brightness level because most of the users are using cell phone in daytime so when you are outside of building or in shining area the light of the smartphone is hardly visible or lower than it should be but the case were found opposite when you use the smartphone in night time or while you are about to sleep. When you use the smartphone in night time you should have notice how the light of smartphone hurt you eyes and user who spend long hour chatting in night time will started to get eye problem because of it so that is why it is necessary to reduce or lower your minimum brightness during night time when you are using the smartphone for long time.

There are various tricks and tweaks on internet which are helpful to solve the problem most of the solution are related to the app but again if you install the app on android phone it will run on background and consume a hefty amount of battery which is why i should not consider the option over other. The real working solution to the problem that i found is go through the process of rooting so if you are ready to hijack your phone we should begin the process but in case if you don’t want to root your phone then you should try the app Lux Lite.


Reduce Minimum Brightness on Android Phone using Brightness Tweak Apk

Before moving on to the process you should have known and apply minimum requirement to run the application properly on your android phone.

Minimum Requirement

  1. Make sure your phone has at least 50% of battery.
  2. Your phone operating system should be 5.0 Lollipop or greater.
  3. Make sure you have enable unknown source option. Jut go to Settings -> Security to enable the option.

How to Lower Minimum Brightness

  1. First download and install the app from the source “”.
  2. Once you have installed open the app and go through a simple setup process.
  3. Once its setup it will take you to the main page of the app then change the slider to adjust minimum brightness. The default value of the brightness should be 5 to 10 which can be adjust to 1.
  4. After adjusting your phone brightness tap on play button in top right side of page to apply the settings.

For more information and update related to the reduce minimum brightness stay updated to this page.


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