How to Record Video Calls on Skype for Free


Record Video Calls on Skype for Free:- Skype is social media software specially designed for video calling and text communication. Users throughout the world recommended Skype for video calling over any other software or application because of its features and easy to navigate menus. Since Skype started to become popular users desperately wanted a feature which will perfect the software in each and every-way and that is video recording. Many third party applications has been released to record Skype video calls since then but they were all premium software which means you have to pay for the software to record lengthy videos. After years of long waited Skype has finally released a inbuilt feature through which video recording has been possible and since it’s a inbuilt function you can record the video call for free no-matter how long time were elapsed.

Skype inbuilt records works like a charm as we tested on our computer. First of all video recording on Skype is not secrete to other party like it did in third party software. At the end of video call session other party will be notified through text message that this call has been recorded.

The recorded video call will be saved on Skype server for 30 days and user can download the file anytime they want till the aforementioned time. Once 30 days are over Skype may remove the recorded file and if you are concerning about the privacy then don’t worry your data on the Skype server is safe.


How to Record Video Calls on Skype for Free

First of all update your Skype to latest version and follow the step by step instruction given below:-

  1. On Contact List Call to anyone.
  2. Once Video Conversation is started click on + button and on option list click on Start Recording.
  3. On Smartphone you tap on dotted button and then tap on start recording.
  4. Once you press the start recording button a banner will be appear in the calling video informing everyone that the video call has been started and once the call ended a message has been sent to both party that this call can be downloaded anytime by clicking on link.

Download the Video Call On your Computer

  1. In your computer click on More options and then download the recording as MP4 file.
  2. In Android Phone long press the recording button and save the video call on your computer.

For more information on Recording Video Calls on Skype for Free stay updated on this website.

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