How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages – Solved


If you are using WhatsApp for a long time then you will probably read this message “This Message Was Deleted” in the text conversation. This message will appear when someone sends you the message accidentally or scared about what you might think after reading it. I am joined a few WhatsApp groups and after a few group pictures or text conversations, I have seen this deleted message.

The deleted messages pique our interest for some reason because we want to know what people are thinking at that exact moment. If the messages are typed by one of your friends, girlfriend or ex’s then interest grew even further but since the message was deleted by the user itself he didn’t reveal what he was written even when we asked.

Presently there is no option available in WhatsApp that can let you recover the deleted WhatsApp messages. Once the message is deleted it’s gone for good but there are apps available on the internet that allows user to see the deleted message and I am going to explain how to use and install this app in your phone.

Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages with Notisave App

  • Open the Play Store App and install Notisave Application on your phone.
  • Once installed open the app, browse the settings and enable the Notisave Notification Access.
  • Once you allow the Notification Access a list of blocked applications will be open. Disable All Apps in Blocked Notifications list so that Notisave can access all the apps and save messages of all applications when a notification appeared.
  • Once the application is installed it will save all the notification messages even if the original message will be deleted. You just need to open the Notisave application click on the Whatsapp notification appeared in the dashboard screen and view the deleted message.

For more information on how to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages stay updated with this website.

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