How to Permanently Bypass Adblocker Detection on Any Website

If you have adblocker program installed on your computer you might have seen many websites that were put failed to load error because of that program. When you whitelisting the website or disable the adblocker program the website will run perfectly. Many websites owners imply the idea of blocking users who are using adblocker program because that will hurt the revenue for the owner that is necessary for the survival of the website. Paying salaries, maintenance, and electricity bills are the basic costs that were paid from the generated revenue so as internet users we should understand the effort a user has put in to make a content-rich website.

Many websites using the ad platform according to user experience but there are a lot of websites on the internet that display a series of ads on different browser and annoys users to the level where they preferred use AdBlock platform. We understood those users who have seen unethical ads on their computer while they are nearby their friends or family member or someone who don’t want things like that happen with them. Well, the next conversation might be touchy for us because we do believe in the ad system but as a publisher, we must share the knowledge to our readers so that they can take the best course of action.


Browse Through Incognito Mode

Almost All browsers share your information to the website owner such as your IP address, browser, and ISP information while there are some browsers that let you anonymously browse any website. Nowadays all major browsers on the web are offering incognito or private mode to browse the web anonymously. Using the incognito or private mode in your browser allows you to access many websites on the web that were blocked due to the Adblocker Program. However, you have to meet one condition of accessing the website which is enabling the adblocker program in the incognito mode by going to the browsers settings page.

Using Chrome Settings

The second solution on the list to bypass adblocker detection on any website is to disable all the javascript and supportive scripts that enable the anti-adblocker program to run. To disable the javascript from a specific website just browse the website and then tap on the padlock icon given before the URL address. Once you click on the padlock icon a drop-down menu will appear. On that drop-down menu click on the option “Site Settings”. On the site settings page scroll down to option “Javascript” and turned it to block. Make sure to block the supportive script such as pop-up and ad and revisit the website again.

Using Scripts

The above two methods are system-oriented which means you can access them through the software but this method is based on the system modification through scripts. This third method has a 100% success rate to bypass the adblocker program without whitelisting a website.

  • Download and install the user script tampermonkey in your chrome browser.
  • Open the web address “” in your browser and then tap on the button Subscribe.
  • After subscribe install the script Anti Adblocker on your Computer.
  • The script will be installed automatically and now you can restart the browser to check its effects.
  • To disable the script on your computer just tap on Tampermonekey icon and turn off “Anti-Adblocker Killer”.

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