How To Overclock Android Phone With Root Option – Solved


The world of android phones is improving and advancing fastly. In the era of advancement, we have to update our android phone hardware to utilize our favorite apps more efficiently. We are now progressed to the point where android applications are taking GB worth of data on android phones and each passing month these applications developers released a pack of data and features that require more memory and processing power.

If you are using the latest phones then these updates don’t hinder you but if you are using an outdated phone then the update may lag your phone or the app may stop working due to the application overprocessing data. In case if you are facing such issues then your best bet is to update your phone or you could overclock your phone speed to work on the app.

Note: Overclocking your android phone may damage its CPU so use this method at your own risk.


Overclock Android Phone With Root Option

Changing a system setting requires root access on your android phone so first, we root our android phone. If your phone is not rooted then don’t worry we have provided information on how you can root or unroot your phone.

Just search your phone name in the search field and click on the article to view the rooting information.

  • Once your phone is rooted then install SetCPU for Root User.
  • Once installed open the app and change the frequency of your phone CPU by sliding it on the left or right side.
  • Once you’ve set the CPU Frequency to max tap on the button SET on Boot.
  • You’re done now your CPU Performance is increased. You can also decrease the CPU Speed to save the battery of your phone.

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