How To Mirror your Android Phone on Windows 10 Computer


Mirror your Android Phone on Windows 10:- Until now we are only connecting our android phone on the 4K or any other digital television through screen mirroring but those days are now past because now Microsoft provides you an inbuilt feature to mirror phone on any of the computers in which the Windows 10 OS is running on. The inbuilt feature allows your phone to be linked on the computer but you need an application to mirror your phone and also your phone should be android 7+ OS to run and support the application properly.

Your Phone Companion android application is developed by Microsoft corporation so you can rely on the trusted as well as the supportive factor. The application not only mirroring your phone it also allows your phone to be sync so you can browse your phone files on the computer. Another side feature of the application is it will allow its easy users to easily detect and install other Microsoft application. If you want to mirror your Android Phone on Windows 10 you need to link your computer using your phone companion application. The process of linking your android phone with the computer is also simple, you just need to follow step by step instruction after you installed the app from play store.


Download Link For The Application to Mirror Your Phone

To download the application on your phone just follow this link. Once installed follow the process step by step as mentioned in the application.

Do We Really Need Mirroring on PC?

  1. Well, it actually depends on how you will use it for example if you want to use a big screen to view your phone content then you should.
  2. Some app does not have desktop software so you could browse between phone to PC.
  3. You can easily upload the desktop files on your phone without the use of any third party application.

For more info9rmation on Screen Mirroring in your Android Phone on Windows 10 Computer stay updated to this website.

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